Our Story

Our Background

The Financing Hub was originally designed and built by NorthBrook, a company that has been delivering answers to the finance industry for over 16 years.  As an innovator in the Canadian and US lending sectors, NorthBrook has been building new programs and unique solutions for the industry, since 2001. When there are inefficiencies to be improved upon, you can trust NorthBrook to find them.

It’s with this mentality and background that The Financing Hub came into being. The commercial real  estate lending scene (“CRE lending”) has fallen behind many areas of lending in adopting the technology that can drive efficiencies and cost saving practices into its day to day operations.  Fostered by online environments, industry participants for everything from residential mortgages, to car loans to applying for small business loans have long ago begun to expedite and standardize the way lending is done. It’s time that commercial real estate borrowers and lenders had the same kind of standardized and efficient processes.

It is the aim of The Financing Hub to bring together a group of institutional and industry partners, build new efficiencies into the CRE lending process, and bring “a ha!” moments to users and lenders alike. We strive to create the standard that launches new opportunities in CRE finance and for all those who participate in this sector.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the Financing Hub a community for all things related to CRE financing. We aim to:

  • Make applying for and acquiring commercial real estate funding faster and simpler,
  • Develop and launch new funding programs,
  • Bring together a broad spectrum of conventional and specialty lenders,
  • Make key industry resources available for our users,
  • Shift the thinking of how CRE financing gets done.


By reaching out into the industry every day we look for ways our users can capitalize on new ideas, new sources and new opportunities.

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